python processes and Visual Studio

bill wgrigg at
Mon Jan 19 15:24:41 CET 2009


This may sound somewhat convoluted, but here goes:

1. I have a Python script that invokes builds in Visual Studio via the
command line interface - 'devenv'
2. It works GREAT
3. I have added a post_build event to a VS Solution that has but one
4. This event invokes a Python command - 'c:\python25\python.exe c:
5. It works GREAT
6. I move on the another VS Solution that has 6 projects.
7. I add the post_build event command to all 6 projects
8. It 'almost' works... all 6 projects build and the post_build event
triggers in all 6 projects and that works
9. Unhappily, the whole thing then 'hangs'

I am guessing that perhaps a sub-process or something like that is not
exiting. The Python script that is triggered in the post_build event,, does nothing special upon exit. Should it?

Or, is there some way to determine why the the while thing 'hangs'?



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