function to find the modification date of the project

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Tue Jan 20 01:02:10 CET 2009

Joe Strout wrote:
> James Mills wrote:
>> Also I'd like to point out that your method is not
>> very reliable as the modification time of those
>> files could change at any moment. Consider
>> unix systems for instnace where you could do:
>> touch *
>> And poof, you're modification times are now
>> the current time!
> Yes, and presumably if some power user did this, then that would be the 
> intended effect.  Not sure why they'd do that, but they must have a good 
> reason -- who am I to stop them?

What if a curious user simple looks at a file with an editor and saves 
it without change?  Or changes it inconsequentially? Or makes copy to, edits and plays with original, and when done renames to  Or any such thing (which I have done in 
Pythonxy/Lib) without any intention of changing version date?

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