modify IDLE?

Brian Blais bblais at
Tue Jan 20 03:15:15 CET 2009


I was wondering if there is a simple way to modify IDLE, adding or  
replacing menus?  I haven't dug into the source code yet, but was  
wondering if anyone else has done something like this.  I have a  
couple of projects that require users to write python code (or very  
similar to python code) which is then run either in a completely  
different interpreter, or pre-processed and run.  Right now, I just  
make those programs load files, but it would be nice if somehow a  
version of IDLE could pass the current buffer to my program instead  
of the built-in interpreter.  Is mucking around with the IDLE code  
something easy, or a bit of a challenge?


		Brian Blais

Brian Blais
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