Does Python really follow its philosophy of "Readability counts"?

Paul Rubin http
Tue Jan 20 06:21:51 CET 2009

Bruno Desthuilliers <bdesth.quelquechose at> writes:
> The failure was because a module tested, QA'd and certified within a
> given context (in which it was ok to drop the builtin error handling)
> was reused in a context where it was not ok. And the point is exactly
> that : no *technology* can solve this kind of problem, because it is a
> *human* problem (in that case, not taking time to repass the whole
> specs / tests / QA process given context change).

In this case it does nothing at all to support your arguments about
the helpfulness or lack of helpfulness of strong encapsulation.  You
may as well say that antibiotics are medically useless because they
won't stop anyone from getting killed by a falling piano.

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