Problem with IDLE on windows XP

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Tue Jan 20 19:01:54 CET 2009

¡Muchas gracias!  That was the hint that I needed, Gabriel.  I had a problem
with my path definition and running idle the way you indicated gave me an
error message saying that it could not find a valid init.tcl on the path.
I have fixed the problem and can now run idle at work.

Thanks again!


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> I am trying to learn Python and I installed version 2.6 both at home and  
> at work.  At home, on
> Vista, everything works fine.  At work, on XP, IDLE would not run.  I  
> uninstalled/reinstalled
> and got the same thing.  My cursor changes to the wait symbol for a few  
> seconds, then goes
> back to normal and ….nothing.  The Task Manager shows nothing.  I  
> uninstalled again,
> made sure all the files were deleted from the disk, used regedit to  
> delte every registry entry
> that had python in it and tried version 3.0.
> Geuss, what?  I still can’t run IDLE on XP?  Is this a common problem?   
> Or am I unique?

Did you install "for all users" (as Administrator) or "just for me"?

The following instructions assume you installed Python 2.6 on C:\Python26  
-- replace with your own directory if different.

Open a command prompt (go to Start, Run, type "cmd" and press Enter).
At the > prompt type:

c:\Python26\python -V

and press Enter. Should reply with the Python version. Then try with:

c:\Python26\python c:\Python26\Lib\idlelib\idle.pyw

Should start IDLE, probably you get some error message; post it here.

Gabriel Genellina


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