Does Python really follow its philosophy of "Readability counts"?

James Mills prologic at
Wed Jan 21 04:28:26 CET 2009

On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 1:18 PM, Russ P. <Russ.Paielli at> wrote:
> Since when is no one is allowed to suggest a potential improvement to
> a product unless they are willing to implement it themselves? Imagine
> what the world would be like if such a rule applied to all products.

Maybe nobody wants what you want ?
Besides no-one will improve python for you!
Python is a FOSS contributed to by many tedious
laborious hours for little to no financial gain for
the people that have put in the hard work.

So if you insist python must have it, do it yourself )
And for the record, I (and probably 98% of other python developers)
don't want your data protection or encapsulation. :)

Have a nice day :)


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