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alex23 wuwei23 at
Wed Jan 21 05:49:09 CET 2009

On Jan 21, 2:35 pm, Xah Lee <xah... at> wrote:
> I, of course also based on my claims on personal
> experience, however, the difference is that my claim is explicitly
> made in the context of applying to the world. For example, my claim is
> not about my experiences being such and such. My claim is about such
> and such is so in the real world.

So the claims of people who have personally worked on "real world"
code that contains list comprehensions isn't valid, whereas you who
have _no_ such experience have a more genuine understanding of the
world? Which is somehow totally unbiased and yet somehow always agrees
with your preconceived notions?

Talk about Aristotle and his wife's teeth...

> I recommend taking a course in community college on
> philosophy, logic, literature, economics. After that, your thinking in
> coding and all the social issues related to coding, and computing
> industry, will sharpen by far.

Because clearly what the world needs is more of your style of academic
understanding over practical, pragmatic knowledge. And arrogant
condescension...we sure can't get enough of that.

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