Problem with 3.0 Install on Windows

John Machin sjmachin at
Wed Jan 21 06:55:01 CET 2009

On Jan 21, 3:33 pm, Saul Spatz <ssp... at> wrote:
> I'm running python 2.5.x on Windows XP, and I installed 3.0, just to get
> familiar with it.  I have a directory with all my python projects in my
> PYTHONPATH variable.  When I try to run python 3.0, it detects a syntax
> error (a print statement) in the first file in this directory, and
> crashes.  I don't want to convert the files to 3.0 syntax, because I
> plan to keep using 2.5, at least for a while.
> I don't know exactly why this translation is happening.  Is there a way
> to turn it off?

The directories in PYTHONPATH are *prepended* to sys.path. Perhaps one
of your files has the same name as a module that's new in Python
3.0 ... "io" is a possible candidate; "abc" a better one. Care to tell
us the name of the file in which 3.0 finds the syntax error?

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