Start Python at client side from web app

Thomas Guettler hv at
Wed Jan 21 09:10:55 CET 2009


I want to start Python at the client side from a web application. The
app is an intranet application, and all client PCs are under our control (we
can install software on them).

But I don't want to update the installation too often. Here is my idea:

We create a custom mime-type and register it on the client PC. The web application
can send signed python code to the client PC. If the signature is correct,
the code will be executed at the client. The signature prevents others from executing

Has someone seen or done something like this before?

I can code this myself, but prefer to use some open source project, if it exists.

Thanks in advance,
  Thomas Güttler

Thomas Guettler,
E-Mail: guettli (*) thomas-guettler + de

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