Start Python at client side from web app

Diez B. Roggisch deets at
Wed Jan 21 12:21:57 CET 2009

Thomas Guettler wrote:

> Sorry, I described my problem not well. Here is more information:
> The main application is the intranet web application used with IE (ms
> windows client). But some action needs to be done on the client since you
> can't do it with html or javascript.
> 1. The user pushes a button in the web app.
> 2. Webserver sends signed python code to the client with own mime type
> 3. IE sends code to the python application.
> 4. Signature gets checked, Python code on the client gets executed.
> 5. Maybe send some data to the server with http.

As I already told you on the german python NG (why do you post on *two*
lists?), I'd rather go for a custom network protocol.

This is supported by the various OSses, and browsers just hook into it.
Then, when the user presses a "myprotocol://some/parameters"-link (or get's
redirected there through JS), the registered application will be fired up
to handle the url.

You then simply use the passed parameters to make a call to your webserver
to fetch the new code.


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