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Xah Lee wrote:
> On Jan 19, 11:17 pm, alex23 <wuwe... at> wrote:
> ...
> sure. In a political context, many criticism or description of the
> situation from one party can be seen as ad hominem attack. I feel that
> that many old emacs users, which includes significant portion of emacs
> developers (if not majority), are so exteremly bottled up and turn
> down any possibility of advancing. They are killing emacs. (similar
> feelings for most regular posters here in comp.lang.lisp )
This might have been relevant if you had not been too stupid to observe
that you are (sigh, yet again) posting irrelevant drivel to
comp.lang.python. Please stop.

> Your input will be highly valued. Though, forgive me to say, that i
> think my opinion on this is beyond any computer scientist of any
> standing can try to tell me otherwise. If they disagree (which i think
> most of them won't), i think their knowledge and experience in the
> area of computer languages and syntax and notations, IQ, are inferior
> to me.
How very comforting for you. "Closed mind" hardly begins to describe
that attitude.

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