is this pythonic?

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Wed Jan 21 16:16:32 CET 2009


Is the following code pythonic:

>>> l=[{"title":"to", "value":2},{"title":"ti","value":"coucou"}]
>>> dict = [ dict for dict in l if dict['title']=='ti']
>>> l.remove(*dict)
>>> l
[{'title': 'to', 'value': 2}]

Precision: I have stored data in the list of dictionaries l, because in my
application I am sure that "title" is unique for each record. But perhaps
it is better to imagine that someday it will not be anymore the case? And
rather use a data storage as the following?

l = { '001':{"title":"to", "value":2}, '002'

The problem with this storage is that it implies to manipulate some "ids"
that have not any meaning for a humain being (001, 002, etc).

Thanks a lot for you opinion,

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