progress: compiling python2.5 under msys (specifically but not exclusively under wine) with msvcr80

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Wed Jan 21 22:48:16 CET 2009

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:

> i look forward to seeing the same incremental improvement applied to
> the development of python, evidence of which would be clearly seen by
> the acceptance of one of the following patches, one of which is dated
> 2003:


Against 2.3, rejected due to dependence on SCons.
Also appears to have been incomplete, needing more work.


Open by Roumen Petrov, no review, see below.


Open, from same submitter, only (minor) review by you.
Does this supercede 3754?


Yours, Martin reviewed and closed.
FWIW, the comment about not adding 'minority' platform specific stuff to 
the core (as opposed to 'neutral' changes that make them easier) was 
also applied, a week or two ago, to the BEOS successor.
I added 5026 as superceder.

> # number corrected

Successor to 4954

> for those people wishing to track and contribute to the development of
> python for win32 using entirely free software tools, either under wine
> or native windows, there is a git repository, here, slightly
> illogically named pythonwine because that's where i started from
> (cross-compiling python under wine, so i could get at the wine
> registry from python).  obviously, since then, things have... moved on
> :)

Are there 'neutral' changes to the core you would like that would make 
maintaining this and other platform-specific patch sets easier?

Terry Jan Reedy

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