English-like Python

Aaron Brady castironpi at gmail.com
Wed Jan 21 23:04:46 CET 2009

On Jan 21, 9:24 am, Joe Strout <j... at strout.net> wrote:
> Aaron Brady wrote:
> > Where functions are first-class objects, a bare function object isn't
> > distinguishable either from its call.
> That depends not on whether functions are first-class objects, but on
> the *syntax* of function invocation vs. function reference.

Good point.  snip.

I'm not sure what the NL equivalents of function invocation vs.
function reference are, but somehow I don't think there would be a lot
of confusion (not that there couldn't be).

Here is a bad example.

Think about computing that answer.
Compute the answer, and think about the result.


thinkabout( func )
thinkabout( func() )

Oddly enough, the NL equivalents aren't even close to resembling each

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