[ANN] The Python Papers Source Codes (Volume 1)

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Thu Jan 22 04:09:14 CET 2009

Hi everyone,

It has been a few months in the cooking and I'm pleased to announce
the publication and ISSN of The Python Papers Source Codes (ISSN
1836-621X). The Python Papers Source Code (TPPSC) will be a collection
of code manuscripts, usually with a longer companion manuscript
published in The Python Papers (TPP) or The Python Papers Monograph

The purpose of TPPSC is modeled after "Collected Algorithms of the

We will consider the following papers for TPPSC:

* Algorithms: Implementation of an algorithm where it should be
possible for a user to incorporate this software into a larger
program, with the exception of standalone software.
* Remarks: Brief report on a previously published algorithm, with the
purpose of correcting / modifying the code. Details arguing for the
modification should be provided with the modified code and patch file
to used with the original implementation.
* Translations: Translation of an algorithm / code from another
programming language to Python, and should only be done if the
algorithm still represents the current state of the art.
* Certifications: Report on performance characteristics or
verification of correctness by specification or from extensive testing
of a previously published an algorithm / code. Certification reports
do not change the original code; hence, a certification report usually
do not contains codes.

Each submission will usually consist of the following sections:

   1. Title and author(s) affiliation
   2. Abstract (usually a terse description of 1 or 2 sentences)
   3. Description (about a page description of the purpose of the
codes, including licence)
   4. Code section (this is where the codes will be listed)
   5. References
   6. A compressed file of the codes files as supplementary materials

For more details or to read our first paper under TPPSC, please go to

All manuscripted for the periodicals under The Python Papers Anthology
(http://ojs.pythonpapers.org) will be published once they are

We look forward to your continued support.

Maurice Ling

Maurice Ling

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