Start Python at client side from web app

Thomas Guettler hv at
Thu Jan 22 13:13:55 CET 2009

Paul Rubin schrieb:
> Thomas Guettler <hv at> writes:
>> 1. The user pushes a button in the web app.
>> 2. Webserver sends signed python code to the client with own mime type
>> 3. IE sends code to the python application.
>> 4. Signature gets checked, Python code on the client gets executed.
>> 5. Maybe send some data to the server with http.
> I think someone else already suggested using an hta.  Does that not
> do what you want?  More info is at:
> Also, rather than concocting your own code signing system, maybe you
> want to use standard Python .exe packaging, signed with Authenticode.

Authenticode looks like a Microsoft invention. Although I need this
for windows now, it should be portable.


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