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Brian Allen Vanderburg II BrianVanderburg2 at
Thu Jan 22 21:47:46 CET 2009

astan.chee at wrote:
> Hi,
> Im trying to write a program for my USB device and I'm thinking of 
> using python to do this. The USB device is of my own making and it is 
> activated when one of the two data pins of the USB is given about 5V 
> (or similar to whatever the power pin is getting). Now I'm confused to 
> if the software to activate this can actually be written and how do I 
> do it? Any examples? I've seen pyUSB but it doesn't give me control 
> over the hardware and how much power is going through the data pins.
> Thanks for any help.
> Cheers
> Astan
> -- 
I don't think you can actually control the USB port's data lines like 
this.  I've been searching for some ideas as well for some small 
hobbyist projects I'm thinking about, and it seems that either the EZUSB 
chip or maybe even easier the FTDI chips might be the way to go.  I 
think the FTDI chip is basically a USB-to-RS232 converter and there is a 
libftdi that is built on top of libusb I think.  Anyway for my design 
(if I ever get around to it) I'm going to create a library in C that 
uses the hardware and then I can create a Python wrapper around that 

Brian Vanderburg II

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