USB in python

Astan Chee astan.chee at
Fri Jan 23 02:50:19 CET 2009

Diez B. Roggisch wrote:
> Astan Chee wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Im trying to write a program for my USB device and I'm thinking of using
>> python to do this. The USB device is of my own making and it is
>> activated when one of the two data pins of the USB is given about 5V (or
>> similar to whatever the power pin is getting). Now I'm confused to if
>> the software to activate this can actually be written and how do I do
>> it? Any examples? I've seen pyUSB but it doesn't give me control over
>> the hardware and how much power is going through the data pins.
> Unless I'm not getting something here.
Thanks for all the responses but I forgot to mention that I have very 
little hardware understanding (at least in english) and the device 
itself it very simple and only needs about 5V power to be active. The 
problem here is that I want to control when the device is active using a 
computer so I thought USB might be a good choice since its simple (but 
didn't turn out to be). I'm open to any other suggestions on how I might 
achieve this hardware and software-wise (as in what interface should I 
use, etc). Also I'm trying to stay away from (complex) micro controllers.
Any ideas?
Thanks again

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