Adding a field to a 'foreign' object from the outside

atleta at
Fri Jan 23 04:19:26 CET 2009


I'm working with a callback API (a DBus one) and I'd need to store
some state between the calls somewhere. I know that it's possible to
extend an object with fields after creation, so I could just store my
data in the session object that is passed in with every callback.
However it stinks from OO perspective, at least to me. The other
option, something that I'd do in java for example, would be to set up
a mapping (a dict) using the session object as a key. Which one is the
'pythonic' way? Do you use the first method (modifying an object that
you don't even control the source of) or do you write a bit more code
and go with the second one?


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