Securing a database

kt83313 at kt83313 at
Fri Jan 23 08:26:10 CET 2009

My company provides some services online, which now they are planning
to make it offline and sell to customers who can use it in their

One of our major moneywinners is some data which is stored in a
database. Now, this data inside the database was obtained after paying
through the nose - so the company does not want to disclose the data
in the DB to the outside world - not to mention the lawsuits which the
original providers of data will start which will sink the company if
the data goes out.

Now, the code is in Python - and we have a big problem. How to secure
the data in DB? One idea was to encrypt it and store the password in
the code. I dont believe security through obscurity - and python code
can easily be reverse-engineered too - right?

Is it even possible to secure a data in this case?


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