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On Thu, Jan 22, 2009 at 5:01 PM,  <bearophileHUGS at lycos.com> wrote:
> Eduardo O. Padoan:
>> You are almost *describing* reinteract:
> - Thank you for the link and the software, I have not tried it yet,
> but from the screencast it looks quite nice.
> - I am glad that there are people that don't think that Emacs is
> (despite being good) the alpha and omega of editing. There's space for
> other ideas beside Emacs.

But it is! <wink>

> - Maybe I was describing reinteract there, but that's only the first
> part of my post :-)
> - I can see that reinteract is based on a interaction style quite
> similar to the shell of Mathematica. I was talking about something
> different, and more similar to TextCalc, but in the end I think
> reinteract may be good enough for my purposes, so I'll try to run it.
> And I may be happy enough.

I dont known TextCalc, but I guess that reinteract is flexible enough
to the general purpose of "experimenting with Live code".

> - Eventually I may find the time and will to create my "interactive
> python text" :-) I think there's space for many different solutions.
> - Despite many years of experiments, development, shells, editors, and
> the like, I am sure there are other designs not yet tried or not
> common enough yet (beside the normal editors, shells, smart object-
> oriented graphical shells like hotwire shell, Resolver One, and few
> other weird things, like one where you can zoom text and images at
> different scales, other text-based systems, etc).

Sure, thats the spirit.

> Bye,
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