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Darren Dale wrote:
> On Jan 22, 10:07 pm, Benjamin Peterson <benja... at python.org> wrote:
>> Darren Dale <dsdale24 <at> gmail.com> writes:
>>> Judging fromhttp://bugs.python.org/issue2400, this issue
>>> was fixed back in May 2008, but it is still present with python-2.5.4,
>>> which was released in December. Why wont python-2.5 allow this kind of
>>> import?
>> Allowing that would be a new feature which is disallowed in bug fix releases
>> like 2.5.4.
> I was talking about the behavior after doing "from __future__ import
> absolute_import". I've been developing on python-2.6 using
> absolute_import for weeks, knowing that I could do "from __future__
> import absolute import" on python-2.5. Now when I try to use
> python-2.5 I cant import my package. What is the point of providing
> absolute_import in __future__ if the api is completely different than
> the implementation in future python versions? Its bizarre.

I guess it must specify some alternate future ...

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