The First Law Of comp.lang.python Dynamics

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Fri Jan 23 22:06:00 CET 2009

Tim Rowe wrote:
> 2009/1/23 Kay Schluehr <kay.schluehr at>:
>> Whatever sufficiently sophisticated topic was the initially discussed
>> it ends all up in a request for removing reference counting and the
>> GIL.
> Well, maybe, but it seems to me that the real issue here is that we
> need to remove reference counting and the GIL.

Guido will give up reference counting and the consequent immediate gc 
when but only when *someone* presents an implementation that does and 
and that runs faster.  Given the current ferment in dynamic language 
implementation, he just today wrote on pydev list "CPython's 
implementation strategy *will* evolve".  Whether that means R.C. goes 
away or not remains to be seen.

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