Does Python really follow its philosophy of "Readability counts"?

Paul Rubin http
Fri Jan 23 22:28:22 CET 2009

Mark Wooding <mdw at> writes:
> Now we come on to Fred.  If Fred's across the room from me then we're
> back to the water-cooler.  If he's on a different continent, and I know
> he'll be affected, I'll probably email him.  If I've never heard of him
> at all, well, he might just lose when someone puts my code and Fred's
> together with OrderedDict...

In a large project, more probably you'd enter a change request into
some kind of tracking system, there would be discussion in the
tracking system about how to do the change; perhaps at your weekly
staff meeting you might bring up the issue with your PHB if you were
blocking on the issue, and your PHB would bring it up at the inter-PHB
meeting with Fred's PHB to bump the item's priority, and eventually
Fred would check in a change and you would use it.  There is
necessarily some wasted motion in any organization of that size; good
management is about keeping the friction to a minimum and getting the
stuff done.

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