OCaml, Language syntax, and Proof Systems

Xah Lee xahlee at gmail.com
Sat Jan 24 00:16:59 CET 2009

ok, i've been reading these Ocaml tutorials in the past few days:

intro to ocaml, from official site

“Objective CAML Tutorial”, most cited tutorial on the web

None of them are perfect, but much better than haskell ones.
The official tutorial is ok, but still confusing.

The one at ocaml-tutorial.org is somewhat but mostly because it's a
lot more explanatory text. It has much verbiage for imperative
programers (i.e. half of the text is about Perl this, C that, Java
thus, trying to each you functional lang by comparative study assuming
you are one of these these idiots. Half of the time, the comparison
doesn't make much sense)

The best one, is the one is
“Introduction to Caml”
by Dr Scott Smith of Johns Hopkins U, apparently a lecture note.
I found it by as one of the top result from google search.

This one is to the point, on lang syntax, what they do and mean, to
the point short examples, focusing one concept at a time. (as opposed
to the typical of: littering of motherfucking abstruse jargons thru-
out, littering gospels about properties of starry-eyed fucking
advantage of static mother fucking typing, the beauties of functional
programing fuck, no concrete examples but full of high-horse abstract
terminologies that are factually from asses who doesn't know a flying
fuck about symbolic logic, replete with computer engineering fuck
typical of compiler geekers like garbage collection, garbage
collection, garbage collection!!!, memory address memory address
memory address, pointers pointers pointers!!! hips and stacks and hips
and stacks and very hip!)

though, it is of course not my ideal, because it still now and then
mention extraneous stupid computer engineering concepts like “GARBAGE
COLLECTION”, “stateful”, how something is “expression-based”, etc. If
you are have a computer science background, sure these are no problem.
But if you are a say practical programer who never took computer
science classes, you'll go Huh? and if you are say the world's top
mathematician but never studied programing, you'll go HUH?

But again, this tutorial is far far better than vast majority of
tutorials out there about functional programing (except mine).

The haskell tutorials you can find online are the most mothefucking
stupid unreadable fuck. The Haskll community is almost stupid. What
they talk all day is about monads, currying, linder myer fuck type.
That's what they talk about all day. All day and night. Monad!  What's
a monad! The importance of monad! How to learn monad! Simple intro to
monad! Fucking morons, but MONAD!

PS i started a Ocaml learning blog here:

∑ http://xahlee.org/

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