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Sat Jan 24 04:29:10 CET 2009

    Steven> I meant bringing it to the attention of somebody who can
    Steven> actually commit the patch to production, or rule that the patch
    Steven> isn't suitable. I can't do that.

Perhaps not, but you can help the process along by adding your perspective.
Does it solve a problem you have?  Does it run on your platform?  Can you
provide further examples?  Can you add missing parts to what's already there
(doc changes, test cases)?

These are general questions which won't be appropriate for every issue in
the tracker, but are some ways Python users without checkin privileges can
help the development process.

    Steven> Sorry for the naive questions, I'm new to the bug tracker and
    Steven> I'm not entirely sure about the protocol. Should I just drop a
    Steven> note to python-dev and ask somebody with commit privileges to
    Steven> look at it, or is that rude?

You might want to peruse some of the links on this page:

That might give you some insight into the Python development process and how
you fit into it.

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