Relax Syntax for Augmented Arithmetic?

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Sat Jan 24 09:58:40 CET 2009

Aahz wrote:
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> Steve Holden  <steve at> wrote:
>> I understand what you are saying, but if the id() associated with a name
>> doesn't change after augmented assignment it seems a little wrong-headed
>> to argue that "the augmented assignment always binds a new value to the
>> name".
>> What you are actually saying is that it's up to the method that
>> implements the augmented assignment whether the same (mutated) object or
>> a different one is returned, right? And that the left-hand side of the
>> assignment is always bound to the result of that method.
> That's overall more correct, but I wanted to emphasize that there is
> *always* a binding operation being performed.  Whether what gets bound to
> the target is a new object or an existing object is up to the augmented
> assignment method.


Yes, we're on the same page. Maybe I was being too pedantic ...

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