OCaml, Language syntax, and Proof Systems

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The above is not a terrible insight, but i suppose it should be useful
for some application. Today, there's huge number of languages, each
screaming ME! To name a few that are talked about by geekers, there's
Arc, Clojure, Scalar, F#, Erlang, Ruby, Groovy, Python 3, Perl6. (for
a big list, see: Proliferation of Computing Languages) So, if i want
to learn another lang down the road, and wish it to be a joy to use,
usable docs, large number of usable libraries, or well supported,
practical community that doesn't loop into monad or tail recursion
every minute, then which one should i buy? With criterions of
industrial background, not culty, lang beauty matter not that much, in
mind, i think Erlang, F# would be great choices, while langs like Qi,
Oz, Arc, Perl6, would be most questionable.

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