A different kind of interface

Marc 'BlackJack' Rintsch bj_666 at gmx.net
Sun Jan 25 10:13:34 CET 2009

On Sat, 24 Jan 2009 01:02:01 +0100, Дамјан Георгиевски wrote:

>>> I don't know what an IBQ is.
>> +IBQ- seems to be the way your newsreader displays the dashes that
>> where in Ben's posting.  I see "em dash" characters there:
> I see IBQ too ... also weird is that he has Content-Type: text/plain;
> charset=utf-7

Why weird?  Makes perfect sense:

In [98]: print '+IBQ-'.decode('utf-7')

In [99]: unicodedata.name('+IBQ-'.decode('utf-7'))
Out[99]: 'EM DASH'

So there are newsreaders out there that can't or at least don't decode 

	Marc 'BlackJack' Rintsch

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