IDLE/Python on Asus EEE PC

Alex van der Spek amvds at
Sun Jan 25 11:38:31 CET 2009

Simple Python programs edited and run through IDLE work fine on my Ubuntu 
Linux system without any editing.

However on my Asus EEE PC IDLE complains about incorrect formatting 
(indentation) or possibly mixing tabs/spaces. The source code is exactly 
the same. There is no incorrect formatting and certainly no use of tabs.

I created the program on my EEE, was unable to find anything wrong with 
it and decided to test it on my desktop. I was amazed that it runs fine 

Can anyone explain this? I use the full desktop Xandros OS on the EEE. I 
downloaded IDLE from the Debian repositories.

Thanks in advance,
Alex van der Spek

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