[MacOS] Multiple versions of a module

Pierre-Alain Dorange pdorange at pas-de-pub-merci.mac.com
Sun Jan 25 16:14:54 CET 2009

How to manage a module with several versions on MacOS X ?

All modules are installed in :
This is the default path for Mac.

But for some modules i need several version (stable 1.8.1 and test 1.9.0
for example : for pygame here).

I've installed the stable one from source and i go into a
"pygame-1.8.0release-py2.5-macosx-10.3-i386.egg" directory. Nice.

I just install the 1.9 (for test) and it go into "pygame" directory

So now  i got 2 versions of pygame in the site-packages dir...

When i import "pygam
e" from python, the 1.8.0 is imported only and 1.9.0 is complely
ignored... How do python choose from several package ? 
Do package register them elsewhere ?
I don't know how to test (temporaly) the 1.9, but also be able to go
back easily to 18.8 after ?

I do a site._test() and i return my only 1.8.0 module for pygame, 1.9.0
is ignored. The same with

Any clue ?

Pierre-Alain Dorange

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