Python C API (PyObject_CallMethod clear object)

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Mon Jan 26 02:46:01 CET 2009


I have a problm with deallocating stuff. I call a function with this

PyObject *rvalue = PyObject_CallMethod(obj, "execute","",NULL);


Can it be, that something is missing here? Imagine I allocate an
object of a type:

t = MyImage()
,;- syntax_error 129=)/%  #is a syntax error

How you see I would get a syntaxerror, but an object of the type
MyImage() is created. But its deallocated when Py_Finalize() is
called. What can I do to deallocate this object after
PyObject_CallMethod returns NULL, too? I debug it, so if rvalue!=NULL
the object is deallocated, but what can I do if rvalue==NULL=

Thanks a lot!!!!

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