USB in python

Astan Chee astan.chee at
Mon Jan 26 06:12:16 CET 2009

Tim Roberts wrote:
> Sorry, but you have NOT created a USB device, and I sincerely hope you do
> not try to plug it in to a real USB port.
Sorry, by USB device, I meant a device that is powered/activated by a 
bunch of wires that I want to control using a computer and since I had a 
spare USB jack lying around, I used that instead. But so far I haven't 
tried it, nor will try it if it wont work properly. Yes, it is not a 
proper USB device, because I didnt build it to specifically interface 
with the USB port; but I had to start somewhere. Also, the device 
requires more power than the standard parallel port can give.
Anyway, it looks like the easiest solution for my case is a microcontroller

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