scatterhist and resizing figures

perfreem at perfreem at
Mon Jan 26 23:25:15 CET 2009

i am using scatterhist to plot some data. i find that when i plot the
and matlab shows it in the figure window, stretching the figure window
(with the mouse) to enlarge it actually changes the properties of the
for example, making it bigger sometimes reveals more tick marks
- like the y limit of the y axis, which i have set but was not shown
until i enlarged the window. also, more crucially enlarging can make
bars that appear at 0 or not at all to show... when i save the figure
as pdf, depending on which of these is shown, i get different pdfs.

here's an example:

x=rand(1, 100);
set(gca, 'Box' , 'off'     , ...
 'LineWidth'   , 1);
set(gca , 'FontSize' , 12);
set(gca, 'FontName'   , 'Helvetica');
set(gca, 'TickDir', 'out');

first question: how can i programtically save the figure as pdf in a
way that shows maximal
info? i don't want to lose tick marks on my axis or bars in my

second: how can i plot with scatterhist but make the scatter plot
points filled? with ordinary scatter, i can simply do: scatter(x, y,
'filled') but the 'filled' argument doesn't appear to work for

thank you.

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