print formating for matrix/table

Robert Kern robert.kern at
Tue Jan 27 01:23:23 CET 2009

On 2009-01-26 18:18, Vincent Davis wrote:
> I have a list of lists....a matrix in that all sub lists are the same
> length. I there a nice why to prin these so that the columns and rows
> line up nicely?
> I have looked around for a good way to do this and haven't found one I
> am like. It seems that all involve repeating a print for each line. I
> would have thought I could find a prebuilt function to do this. Surly
> lots of people are printing matrixes and would like nice formating. So
> what am I missing?

Most people using matrices are also using numpy, and numpy arrays do print with 
columns lined up.

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