USB in python

Astan Chee astan.chee at
Tue Jan 27 02:58:30 CET 2009

Brian Allen Vanderburg II wrote:
> This is the FT245 chip which is basically USB-to-Parallel.
> Chips:
> Kit/Board:
> The spec sheet for the board seems quite simple.  It's pin out is 
> similar to that of a parallel port in that you have your data lines 
> DB0-DB7, etc.  It can also be connected in bus-powered configuration 
> (~100mA) or self-powered configuration.  The kit is more expensive than 
> the chip itself, but probably easier especially if you don't have any 
> experience with surface mount.
That is a good idea. The main factor (aside from complexity) that I 
forgot to mention is the cost. I live very far away from the US and 
sometimes it is cheaper to buy a microcontroller here than have bits n 
pieces shipped from the US.
Anyway, I'll see if I can find these parts here and maybe use that. 
Thanks for all the ideas!

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