Class behaving like a static class

Bruno Desthuilliers bruno.42.desthuilliers at websiteburo.invalid
Tue Jan 27 13:06:22 CET 2009

gu a écrit :
> Hi to all,
> i have a module (a single .py file, actually), with a class called 
> HashedDir.
> when i import the file and instanciate 2 instances of that class, when i 
> check the object's fields they're always the same, even if the two 
> objects should be different.
> Eg:
> h1 = HashedDir('someValue')
> print h1.value # someValue
> h2 = HashedDir('someOtherValue')
> print h1.value # someOtherValue
> print h2.value # someOtherValue
> Any idea?

Yes : post the relevant code - or at least the minimal code that 
reproduces the unexpected behaviour.

There are quite a couple gotchas regarding class-vs-instance-attributes 
and default-params, but none of them matches what you have here - at 
least if 'value' is an attribute set on 'self' from within the 
initializer. So either the above snippet is made up and you're in fact 
having this problem with mutable attributes (like 'value' is a list and 
you're appending to it) or there's something else in your code.

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