How many followers of comp.lang.python

Cameron Laird claird at
Tue Jan 27 17:29:27 CET 2009

In article <8692c77c-0498-4c68-940f-e4d4427f3f08 at>,
rantingrick  <rantingrick at> wrote:
>Seems like the only thing people are interested in is bickering and
>name calling. I noticed the post "Does Python really follow..." has
>over 400 post mainly from the same 10 people. Maybe this is why Guido
>no longer wishes to be a part of this group. Where is the sense of
>community here?
>Anybody care to correct me, because i would love to be wrong about
>this, but i fear i am 100% correct.

Which "this"?  Are you asking for evidence that more
than ten people regularly read comp.lang.python, OR
that there is traffic in comp.lang.python other than
bickering and name-calling?

My own rough estimate of readership is at least 4,000.
If motivated, one could refine the figure, I'm

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