pyAA for Python2.5

Mike Driscoll kyosohma at
Tue Jan 27 19:56:45 CET 2009

On Jan 27, 12:12 pm, Kottiyath <n.kottiy... at> wrote:
> Hi,
>    I would like to obtain pyAA for Python 2.5. I went through their
> web site, but they provide the windows exe only for Python2.4. I tried
> compiling from source, but that also was to no avail - it errs out as
> follows:
> C:\Documents and Settings\Guest\pyAA>python install
> running install
> running build
> running build_py
> file (for module pyAAc) not found
> file (for module pyAAc) not found
> running build_ext
> error: Python was built with Visual Studio 2003;
> extensions must be built with a compiler than can generate compatible
> binaries.
> Visual Studio 2003 was not found on this system. If you have Cygwin
> installed,
> you can try compiling with MingW32, by passing "-c mingw32" to
> C:\Documents and Settings\Guest\pyAA>python install -c
> mingw32
> usage: [global_opts] cmd1 [cmd1_opts] [cmd2 [cmd2_opts] ...]
>    or: --help [cmd1 cmd2 ...]
>    or: --help-commands
>    or: cmd --help
> error: invalid command 'mingw32'
> Has anyone tried the same? Can anyone give any suggestions?

You probably have to put mingw32 on your path or provide an absolute
path to it. By the way, where did you get the source? I couldn't find


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