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Wed Jan 28 01:49:26 CET 2009

Hello all-

We have started using Nagios at work to monitor our computer system and have
been very happy with the results.  We have decided to use it monitor our
business processes as well, so I needed to write custom plug-ins and I opted
to use Python because I am very comfortable with it.  I found an excellent
paper by Cameron Laird and Wojciech Kocjan showing the basics (thanks,
guys!) and I have written plugins to verify the arrival and departure of
files as well as the completion of business processes.  We plan to use
Nagios to report on file audits and reprocess jobs that have failed because
a database or Internet connection burps.  We have great plans for Nagios and
I intend to submit a paper to next years PyCon showing what we have done.

What I would like to know is if there is anything resembling a package to
help with plugin deveopment with Python.  I have a base class that provides
most of the GNU plugin requirements (warning and critical threshold pattern
processing, logging requirements, etc) and would like to work on creating
something to release for general use, but I don't want to reinvent the
wheel.  Is there anything close to what I'm suggesting out there?  I've
looked in the standard places and have not located anything.

I will continue to add to my local package and, if I don't hear about a
similar effort, will look to create something for the Cheese Shop.  If you
are interested in helping out, please drop me a line via the list or at
gslindstrom via gmail.

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