Python Application Server

James Mills prologic at
Wed Jan 28 05:42:16 CET 2009

On Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 2:23 PM, Adi Eyal <adi at> wrote:
> Could anyone recommend a python application server? My application
> consists mainly of long running background processes that need to
> communicate with each other. Features on my wishlist include, process
> pooling (each process will in general be stateless), monitoring,
> scheduling and a framework for inter-process communication. Ideally, I
> would also like to be able to cluster the app server if the need
> arises. I have never used Zope or Webware, but my impression is that
> these servers are focused on web applications with a short
> request-response cycle. My usage will be different since my processes
> will be triggered by certain events and then continue running until
> they complete, without sending any response at all but possibly
> spawning off additional processes in a workflow.
> I hope my description has been clear. Does such an application server
> exist for python?

Might I recommend circuits (1) as a general purpose
framework that you can build your application on top of.

circuits will allow you to communicate with long-running
background processes, communicate between processes
(by way of a Bridge). All communication in circuits is
asyncroneous. circuits has also recently seen the integration
of the multiprocessing package from python 2.6/3.0 so you
can create processes and have inter-process communication
seamlessly. In fact, parts of your system can even run on other
nodes (you mentioned clustering).

Feel free to talk to me more about this in detail...



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