A Twisted Design Decision

koranthala koranthala at gmail.com
Wed Jan 28 18:12:18 CET 2009

> You can still interact via return values.  You should be thinking about
> a Deferred in the same way as you think about a function which returns
> a result synchronously.  The Deferred represents the result, even though
> it isn't the result itself (since the result doesn't exist yet).  Anything
> you would have done by calling a function and then using its return value
> you can do by calling a function and then using the Deferred it returns.

Oh! This makes it very clear.

Thank you very much Jean-Paul and Chris Mellon.
My view of deferred was very different from this. That was the reason
behind these persistent questions.
My view of deferred was that of it being a mechanism to provide
asynchronous behavior and nothing more.

The twisted documentation explicitly mentions this - 'Twisted’s
Deferred abstraction, which symbolises a ’promised’ result and which
can pass an eventual result to handler functions.' But with my earlier
view I understood it completely differently.

Thank you once more, Jean-Paul & Chris for taking your valuable time
out to help me out.

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