pyAA for Python2.5

Rob Williscroft rtw at
Wed Jan 28 21:51:20 CET 2009

Kottiyath wrote in news:6a594643-f6a2-4d8d-aab3-27eb16cb2fb8 in comp.lang.python:

> I have mingw32-gcc in my path. If I try that too -it fails.
> C:\Documents and Settings\Guest\pyAA>python install -c
> "mingw32-gcc"
> invalid command name 'mingw32-gcc'

All the examples I found via google have the tool name as "mingw32"
so try:

    	python install -c mingw32


    	python build --compiler=mingw32 install

The compiler that the MinGW package installs is gcc.

You shoulf be able to verify it is on your path by typing: 

    	gcc --help
    	gcc --version

and see some output.


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