Results of executing hyperlink in script

MRAB google at
Thu Jan 29 00:14:59 CET 2009

Muddy Coder wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> My previous post got a many helps from the people, and I tested what
> they suggested. Since this topic maybe needed in future, so I drop
> these lines below to help the future programmers. The methods worked
> as below:
> 1. This method was suggested by Cameron Laird:
>       os.system("start %s" % URL)
> It works. But, if the URL contains character &, it will fail. For
> example, if URL has only one field, such as:
> this method works well. But, if there more than one field need to be
> input, such as,
> the field password failed to reach server, and the CGI script
> complained.
You could put quotes around the URL:

os.startfile('"%s"' % URL)


os.system('start "%s"' % URL)

if "&" has a special meaning to the command-line.

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