Function Application is not Currying

Tim Greer tim at
Thu Jan 29 04:31:07 CET 2009

Russ P. wrote:

> On Jan 28, 1:32 pm, Xah Lee <xah... at> wrote:
>> Function Application is not Currying
>> Xah Lee, 2009-01-28
>> In Jon Harrop's book Ocaml for Scientist
>> athttp://www......./chapter1.html
>> It says:
>> Currying
>> A curried function is a function which returns a function as its
>> result.
>> LOL. That is incorrect.
> What does that have to do with the price of bananas in Costa Rica?

Xah Lee does this stuff in 4 or 5 groups he's decided to post random
things to.  They rarely have any relevance or substance, just his
personal thoughts.  He liked to provoke arguing and tell everyone he's
a genius in his own mind.  It's best to just filter his posts out like
most of us have already done.  I don't know what group you're seeing
his post in, but he bugs us in the Perl group all the time, cross
posting things that have nothing to do with Perl (same with his cross
posts to Python, too). :-)
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