Results of executing hyperlink in script

Tino Wildenhain tino at
Thu Jan 29 07:59:58 CET 2009

Tim Chase wrote:
>> 1. This method was suggested by Cameron Laird:
>>       os.system("start %s" % URL)
>> It works. But, if the URL contains character &, it will fail. For
> As an aside, the START command is a bit picky regarding quotes. You have 
> to use this horrible contortion
>   os.system('start "title" "%s"' % URL)
> The "title" is optional content-wise, but required positionally if 
> there's a quoted resource, so you can just use
>   start "" "%s"
> a pain, but that's CMD.EXE for you. :)

ah, and just for the records, at least
os.popen2,os.popen3 support tuple as argument:

i,o=os.popen2((cmd,arg1,arg2)) and quotes them

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