is python Object oriented??

Muriel de Souza Godoi murielgodoi at
Thu Jan 29 12:47:51 CET 2009

Python offers support for object orientation, but it's not an
object-oriented language.
I mean, you can code a entire program in Python with no classes. So you use
it if you want to.

It's not like java, which you must use a class to code a Hello World, but
Java isn't fully object-oriented, because it doesn't provide support for
multiple inheritance and it has primitive types (multiple interfaces and
wrappers to primitive types doesn't count  :) )

AFAIK, the unique fully object oriented languagem is Smaltalk. (maybe
Simula?), where everything is a class, even the primitive types.

An excellent reference book for that is:
Sebesta, Robert W. (2002): *Concepts of Programming Languages (Fifth
Edition).* Addison-Wesley Publishing


Muriel de Souza Godoi
State University of Maringá
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