dicts,instances,containers, slotted instances, et cetera.

James Stroud jstroud at mbi.ucla.edu
Thu Jan 29 10:52:57 CET 2009

ocschwar at gmail.com wrote:
> I can't port the entire app to be a stored database procedure.

Perhaps I underestimate what you mean by this, but you may want to look 
at pyTables (http://www.pytables.org/moin/HowToUse).

> ctypes, maybe. I just find it odd that there's no quick answer on the
> fastest way in Python to implement a mapping in this context.

Your explanation of where your prototype is slow is a little unclear. If 
your data is largely numerical, you may want to rethink your 
organization and use a numeric package. I did something similar and saw 
an order of magnitude speed increase by switching from python data types 
to numpy combined with careful tuning of how I managed the data.

You may have to spend more time on this than you would like, but if you 
really put some thought into it and grind at your organization, you can 
  probably get a significant performance increase.


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