is python Object oriented??

Steve Holden steve at
Thu Jan 29 13:33:17 CET 2009

M Kumar wrote:
> Object oriented languages doesn't allow execution of  the code without
> class objects, what is actually happening when we execute  some piece of
> code, is it bound to any class?
> Those who have time and consideration can help me

a) This is a purely theoretical consideration. You asked whether "python
is a pure object oriented language", but this will inevitably lead to
obscure discussions about what you mean rather than what Python is.

b) You seem to believe that a "pure" object oriented language must do
everything using classes. Since many problems are just as easy (or
easier) to solve with a procedural approach, Python takes the view that
it should be easy to provide such solutions as well.

c) import this
The Zen of Python, by Tim Peters

[...] practicality beats purity [...]

We aren't big on purity in the Python world ;-)

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