Tkinter w.pack()?

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r wrote:
> On Jan 28, 10:57 pm, "W. eWatson" <notval... at> wrote:
>> The word pack doesn't exist on the NMT pdf. Maybe there's a newer one?
> Only the grid manager is discussed at NMT. I just like how at NMT the
> widget attributes are in a table and then a list the widget methods
> follows below that -- much better navigation.
> I talked again to John at NMT and he assured me very soon he's going
> to make all the updates. It would probably help if you sent him a nice
> message of encouragement like -- 'Can you please update the
> documentation, i really like the sites layout?' -- but please don't
> forget to thank him for all his contributions to the Python community.
> I am currently crusading to have all the old Python tuts and
> documentation updated(among other crusades). This was my second win
> and i hope that more will follow. The python docs out there need a
> dusting off and spit shining.
I fully agree with your assessment of their state.

I might not want him to update the NMT. :-) Why would that be. I just had it 
printed. Another $8! I'm kidding, of course.

Not only is it a good layout, I think it's the best layout out there, IMHO. 
I'll contact him. I think one of his other pdf files needs updating too. 
Possibly the one for PIL.

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